How To Steam Clean Curtains

How to Steam Clean Curtains

Cleaning your curtains with a steam cleaning machine is a simple but effective process.

What do you need?

  • Steam Cleaning Machine (We suggest the Karcher SC1020 for this)
  • Water

Fill the steam cleaner with water and wait for the light to turn off so you know the machine is ready to use.

Steam cleaning you curtains is a great way of sanitising them and killing any dust allergens and bacteria found in the household.

All you need to do is place the steam cleaning machine on the curtain starting from the top and blast the steam into the fabric working your way down the curtain while still blasting with steam. This not only sanitises the curtains but it also irons them as well. This is great for big heavy curtains which are a pain to remove and take to the dry cleaners.

Once you reach the bottom of the curtain just move along a bit and repeat the process. One word of advice, try not to leave the steam cleaner in once space on the curtain for too long. We are just looking for quick movements up and down the curtain until all areas of the curtain have been steamed.

And that is how to steam clean curtains.

Check out the video above for a video demonstration of how to steam clean curtains